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Structural Steel Erection – Industrial Warehouse, Data Centers, Turnkey Erection Project, Prefabricated Buildings, Godowns, Piping, Factory Building, Bridges, Office buildings, Residential Buildings, Platforms, Industrial Chimneys etc

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Prosaic Steel & Alloys,
Address : 429, Pathe Bapurao Marg, Ahmed Bldg, Opp Islampura Street, Mumbai - 400 004. Maharashtra, INDIA.

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Structural Steel Erection and Civil Engineering Service

Prosaic Steel & Alloys it is leading in structural steel erection business in India, directly employing staff and owning plant.

Steel erection services include the following:

    • Large and small structures
    • Pipe bridges
    • Platforms and stairways
    • Unique assembliess


Company Key Points:

• Industry leader and innovator in steel erection and construction
• Latest equipment
• Highly trained stable workforce
• Award winning track record of safety and speed on site
• Totally integrated with the Group's steel fabricators

It is now widely recognised as an industry leader and innovator within its field, working closely with equipment manufacturers, to ensure that it is always in the forefront in solving operational problems and providing maximum efficiency and safety.

The nature of the work puts a great emphasis on the quality of the people employed, their training and the provision of modern equipment for the tasks undertaken.

All sites are monitored on a regular basis with a system that generates detailed reports.

These are always available for main contractor inspection.

Contractors, Engineers and Company supervisors, if you need structural steel fabrication work, and need a dependable source that can complete your industrial project in quick time and within your budgets, and then Prosaic Steel & Alloys can be your best choice- satisfaction guaranteed.

We have a highly experienced & skilled workforce that has carried out a large variety of projects for many of the largest structural steelwork companies in the GCC regions. We provide a fast, efficient service whilst adhering to all necessary safety codes. Our reputation really speaks for itself.

Prosaic Steel offers extensive experience in all aspects of structural steel construction, including pre-construction services, project management and supervision, in-house construction engineering, safety management, and quality control. In an industry that has been very difficult and unstable, we have experienced steady growth in volume and profitability.

Structural steel installation is done by the use of cranes, elevated work platforms and lifts as the structure progresses from the bottom up. Before any work begins with conventional steel erection, safety measures are taken to ensure the safety of the workers. Safety is obtained by setting up edge rails and safety netting. Steel teams work together to bolt the pieces of steel together by the use of hand and power tools.

Conventional steel erection is common in many types of building projects. Office buildings, skyscrapers, schools, convention centers and arenas are a few of the structures that commonly use conventional steel frames in their structures. Along with steel frames, many of these structures also use steel reinforcement in concrete walls and foundations.

Our company motto “As Fast as Safety Permits“ is first and foremost in our commitment to providing excellent service. With highly trained and experienced foremen and crews, Prosaic Steel is capable of quickly and efficiently handling any sized structural steel erection project. Commitment to safety, attention to detail, and timely customer service has set Prosaic Steel apart in the field of structural steel erection

Our Company has the capability to fabricate more than 2000 man hours of structural steel each week. To process this amount of steel, we utilize a large detailing office with eight to twelve detailers who provide anchor bolt, erection, and shop drawings for each component of the required structural steel using X-Steel, SteelCad and/or AutoCad. Our detailers are capable of detailing the simplest structures to the most complex, as well as miscellaneous metals of various sizes and shapes. Membership in both the CISC and AISC provides us with certification to meet the highest standards and quality controls in the industry and annual audits by these associations are completed to ensure compliance.

Prosaic Steel & Alloys prides itself in providing fast, dependable service. We fabricate and install structural steel, and miscellaneous metals. Our commitment to safety has given us a high standing in the industry and has opened doors to new markets and opportunities.
we had a design/build capability with in-house detailing and engineering staff. Now in operation over a decade, we have grown to include a fabrication plant, stainless steel division and administration facility in the Financial Capital of India, Mumbai.
 When operating at capacity, our employs close to 100 staff, includes fabricators, welders, erection specialists and administrative personnel. We can react quickly, our turn-around time is unparalleled and our product and service is second to none.

Our goal is to provide youwith the best combination of professional steel erection services and competitive pricing available in our industry.

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