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Steel Pipes and Tubes - Seamless

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes & Tubes, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes & Tubes and Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes & Tubes

Importer, Stockholder, Suppliers and Exporters of Steel Pipes and Tubes in Seamless Form

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Prosaic Steel & Alloys offers a variety of added value services to accompany its core business as a major steel stockholder. These services are designed to offer you a more complete service, making it easier for you receive total steel solutions from one port of call.

Our Services

  • Stockholding
    Our material stock range means that we can get steel to your business quickly.
  • Quality
    Prosaic Steel & Alloys invests heavily in quality systems to ensure that steel products  received to our clients in a perfect condition.
  • Profiling Services
    A full range of profile cutting services including multi–head flame cutting and Plasma.
  • Steel Testing Services
    We can arrange for your steel to be tested to your specific requirements due to our working relationship with a number of prominent UK steel testing houses
  • Shipping Services
    Our dedicated team of shipping experts ensures that the export of your material goes smoothly regardless of your worldwide location.