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ISO CertificateProsaic Steel & Alloy’s culture is based on a total commitment to quality and customer service.

To demonstrate this commitment and also to encourage the consistent supply of materials and service to the highest possible standards, Prosaic Steel & Alloy’s quality management systems are certified by LRQA to International Standard isO9001:2008 and audited against the requirements of that standard.

- Download our Certificate of Approval (in PDF file format)

Accordingly, material is supplied fully certified with EN10204 3.1 or 3.2 certificates as required, with full traceability usually by hard stamping. Additional client or third party inspection is available at the request of the customer.

Where specific applications require materials with additional testing, Prosaic Steel & Alloys can provide a complete testing service using independent NAMAS approved test houses. If testing requires EN10204 3.2 certification, tests will be witnessed by your nominated third party inspection agency.

Prosaic Steel & Alloys has its own dedicated quality department and undertakes regular quality audits to ensure that high quality standard are constantly maintained.

Prosaic Steel & Alloys has worked as an approved vendor for accounts dealing with a variety of code work:

  • ASME (Section l & Vlll, S, U, R, & PP Stamps)
  • AWS (Section D1.1)
  • API (Section 1104)
  • ISO 9000 (International Organization for Standardization)
  • API (American Petroleum Institute)
  • PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)
  • OHSAS (Occupational Health And Safety Skills)
  • RINA (Royal Institution of Naval Architects)
  • CRISIL RATINGS (Credit Ratings)

The policy for Quality at Prosaic Steel & Alloys, which is a high priority guideline for the company, has the overall basic objective of winning, maintaining, and developing customer satisfaction in domestic and foreign markets by achieving the Quality necessary both in products and services. To achieve this, the following principles must be adhered to:

  • Involvement of the personnel in Quality efforts.
  • Prevention of any fault in the product or process.
  • Evaluation of the results as per the objectives.
  • Corrective measures against non-quality.
  • Suggestions for improvements.

Our commitment to quality is unflinching, our hunger for growth is deep-rooted and our capacity for details is amazing. Over the decades, we have demonstrated a rare resilience and fortitude. The Group is determined to improve productivity and focus continuously on innovation and up-gradation of its products and people.

We ensure that quality targets are set and achieved for every job that the client entrusts us with. Our quality control procedures are designed to sieve out gross human errors and nothing is left to chance. The quality policy has paid us the best dividends. It holds the key to our success.